Why is 410A refrigerant better than other refrigerants?

The main answer to this question is that refrigerant 410A has no ozone depletion potential at all. R-410A was developed to replace refrigerant 22 because R-22 has ozone depletion potential which is hazardous to the earth’s atmosphere. R-410A is an environmentally friendly refrigerant, where many refrigerants before contained chlorine which is very harmful to the ozone layer, R-410A does not contain it. As of 2010, the Clean Air Act requires that all heat pump units that are manufactured in North America are required to use chlorine-free refrigerants. So by choosing a heat pump with 410-A refrigerant, you are not only getting the latest technology, but you are also helping save the environment even more!!

If that isn’t enough reason to use 410A refrigerant, Eskom is now only offering rebates for heat pumps that are using 410A instead of R22 in the past. This is because it is a more efficient and it has no ozone depletion potential. So, whether you are into saving the planet or saving money, or both, 410A refrigerant is the best option!

410A refrigerant also has a lower boiling point than all the other refrigerants, what this means is the heat pump can operate efficiently in areas where there is a lower ambient air temperature. Firefly heat pumps are even able to operate in regions where the air temperature drops below 0°C.

What is also appealing about R-410A is that it operates at a much higher pressure. The effect of this is that the compressor, pipes and valves are made stronger, specifically to deal with the greater pressure. As a result, the final product is an even stronger heat pump. The heart of every heat pump is essentially the compressor, the newest compressors are specifically designed to use 410A refrigerant. These are smaller and heavier compressors which operate with less damaging vibration and are also quieter than the older compressors running on R-22. Since R410A can absorb and release heat more efficiently than all the other refrigerants, compressors with R-410A run at lower temperatures which reduce the risk of burnout due to overheating.

R-410A was developed in response to the Montreal Protocol which was an agreement between numerous countries. This protocol stated that these countries would move to stop the use of Hydrochloro-fluorocarbon (HCFC) based refrigerants. These refrigerants are widely accepted as being the ozone depleting chemical compounds. However, R-410A is a non-HCFC based refrigerant and is therefore a much more environmentally friendly product. Major domestic companies are now beginning to lean towards 410A over the other refrigerants that are around. Many companies consider R410A as “the wave of the future” which, unlike many other refrigerants, has a long future. Older refrigerants are in danger of becoming outdated and will therefore become expensive as well as difficult to obtain in the future. On top of this, current and upcoming legislations will begin to phase out the older refrigerants in years to come.
Considering this information, it is very the 410A refrigerant is the best option and is superior to all the other types of previously used refrigerants for many reasons. What is more, 410A has achieved all the requirements for a successful refrigerant and is not going to be replaced for a long time. It is the best refrigerant available!!